Vessel Services

CVIP - M1 - M5 - M10

All tanks must be tested on a periodic basis to comply with the Canadian Standard Associations (CSA) B620. The CSA-B620 standard sets out the requirements for the design, construction, certification, assembly, modification, repair, testing, inspection, periodic re-testing, maintenance, and marking of highway tanks and TC portable tanks for the transportation of dangerous goods.

Tru-Kare is a certified provider of annual (M1), 5-year (M5) and 10-year (M10) inspections and tests for pressurized transport tanks and trailers hauling LPG, NGL and NH3 products on Canadian roadways.

Tru-Kare performs tests, re-tests and performs inspections in accordance with the Canadian Standard Association’s (CSA) B620 and Transport Canada’s Canadian Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (CMVSS) to ensure pressurized vessels are fit for service and safe to be on the road.

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