• N-Shooter Liquid NH3 Injection Using Precision Technologies
  • Designed for VR (variable rate application) apply NH3 as streaming liquid through the manifolds in uniform bands
  • No freezing boots or lines with TIO’s (terminal injection orifices)
  • Improved accuracy at faster application speeds in cold weather
  • Using Precision components & technology with injection pressures just above tank pressure
  • The N-Shooter is adaptable to most controllers (Raven, Tee jet and including ISO-Bus. John Deere GS2 and GS3, Case IH Pro 600&700,Trimble and Agco)
  • Requires about 3-5 gallons of hydraulic flow nominal for most applicators
  • Sponsler SS flow meters with 1% CV between 2 to 28 gpm is more reliable since they are designed for pump pressure applications and can regulate at 20 pounds N per acre on 60 feet at 5 mph about 2.5 gallons per minute NH3 to 28 gallons per minute in 3 seconds. Excellent for VR site specific application and sectional control
  • Corken 2” PD pump which has years of reliable experience in industrial applications
  • ie: NH3 & Propane plants and delivery trucks
  • Max application rate based on adequate Anhydrous Ammonia flow to the 2” Corken pump ie: 60ft of Applicator 6.5 mph, 110lbs actual lbs N per acre (20gpm NH3) and apply as low as 15lbs/acre (2.8GPM NH3). Where higher application rates are required upgrades can be made to the base module


  • Raven
  • Continental NH3
  • Squibb Taylor
  • Goodall NH3
  • Dickey-john Accessories
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